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In tennis terms our role model is probabaly the Spanish player Rafael Nadal. Strong, fit, gifted and powerful Nadal signifies what is to be the future role model in tennis. Nadal has taken tennis to a different level as has Roger Federer. These two players have alone set the standard to be reached and overtaken. These are the men to beat if you can currently on the tennis circuit.

Mention the word gladiator and we all think of the film.In Roman times the gladiator duels can be seen as the tennis of our time. Instead of a sword you have a racket. The court is your theatre and if you do not win you will die. This is the mindset.

Our actual mindset is in fact a Mongolian player born in 1167 and the greatest conquerer the world has ever known. His name was Genghis Khan and with his 129,000 cavalrymen he never lost a battle.Genghis Khan ruled nearly two thirds of the earths surface. An interesting fact is that is that science has discovered that due to this single person conquering most of Asia and parts of  Europe, this man living in Mongolia in the twelfth century has scattered his genetic material  across half of Eurasia with the result that it is now shared by one in 200 of all men living today. He was the ultimate winner. No one could defeat himand his name alone put the fear of god into everyman in Eurasia. Everybody was killing everyone in those days. It was not that he was a murderer because everyone else did it as well. He was just better at killing than everyone else.

The spirit of Genghis Khan lives in some of us. Are you that one in two hundred.

He is our role model. Undefeated !!!

When next on the court remember.





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