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You can think yourself into illness but you can also think yourself into being cured. The power of the mind is fantastic and it works both consciously and sub consciously. If our subconscious is prompting us with the right thoughts we can do things that no one thinks possible.

When facing any difficult challenge our minds make decisions on three different issues. 'Fight' or 'flight'- 'attack or defence' -'freedom or compulsion;

To make the right decision we need a possitive attitude. This involves being eager but not tense, self confident but not conceited, optomistic even in adversity, feeling secure, joyful and free maintaining low anxiety and constant confidence in achieving our goal and in thinking offensively even when forced to defend.

If we have this attitude we will chose to fight over flight, attack over defence and freedom over compulsion. Remember while aggression might be seen as fight, it is in fact flight in disguise caused by panic.





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