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Some people have a wonderfull ability always to win. Its though they have made it their natural state of mind. The ability to make the right decision and to do the right thing in all situations, is decisive. Many may have the same level of talent, and your rivals may put in just as much practice as you- but ultimately it is mental differences which decide who the winners are. If you accept the likelihood of failure, even subconsciously, you create a mental block, which will hinder your success. Such a block must be tackled. The positive force inside us is our ambition. But pulling in the opposite direction is the negative force of anxiety over performance...the fear of mistakes that disgrace us. To make the most of your resources you need great ambition, and not to be afraid of failure. Such a person- one in five of the population- dares to excell. You have to dare to fail as well as dare to succeed, to hate to lose, but not to take defeat to heart.

Next time around you must believe. It will be natural to win.





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