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The objective of this site is to highlight areas of the game that are not normally taught or even considered. There are many tennis players young and old who do not possess the mental ability or know how to improve their game. It is this area of the game that many tennis coaches fail to get across to their students. The remainder of the website outlines the key areas of mental strength which is very difficult to teach. It is these mental areas that make the difference between an average player and a great player. The training of the mind is the most important aspect of any great tennis player. The mind is where the game is played and where the player wins or loses. The mind and body controls the shots. If the body is programmed but the mind is not it is likely that the set is lost. It is this fine balance of mind and body in harmony which can achieve many things. Tennis is a battle of mind and body. But remember the mind controls the body.

The Tennis Gladiator programme attempts to balance the mind and the body but with emphasis on the mind. The remainder of the site concentrates on what we feel are the key issues.

1. Motivation
2. Temperament
3. He who Dares Wins
4. Self Confidence
5. Goals

6. Mental Strengths
7. Banish the negative
8. Preparation

Read the text under each section, carry out its wishes and you will be a better player.

At our tennis centre the focus has changed from general tennis training to mental conditioning. The kids are fit and talanted but there minds are conditioned to improve their performance. It is this difference which will hopefully help them to suceed in tennis and in life.

I hope you enjoy the site.

Warren Sawyer LTA





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