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Every summer as Wimbledon approaches the UK press has its annual enquiry asking why here in the UK we can not seem to produce world class tennis players that are capable of winning the tournament. Why is it the LTA spend £25 million a year on British tennis without results and other countries such as Russia, Spain, or Croatia to name a few have no such budget but can produce top 10 players time and time again? Is it the culture? Is the weather? Is it the court surface?  The big question still remains: WHY?

You don't have to look very far to see why. Go along to your local Premiership football team and count how many players are English and how many are foreign. Ask the question why they are here in the UK playing football and the answer is simple. They are just better than the UK equivalent at this present time. They have more flair, more talent, more drive, more passion.

Everybody wants to win. This site will look at ways tennis in the UK will have to change and to focus on the qualities of the individual that are required to reach the top of his/her game, and to further understand why other countries can produce the tennis talent that the UK can not.

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Rafael Nadal

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Roger Federer

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Andy Murray
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